Signs that You Need to Have Your Pool Enclosure Rescreened ASAP!

Noticed your pool has a lot of swimming debris lately? Or that you can feel actual direct sunlight from a torn-up part of your pool enclosure? Instead of jumping to the water, enjoying the pool and beating the heat you’re standing there thinking “Dang! How did it get this dirty?!” 

Pool Enclosures work best if they’re in their best condition, but leave them in need of repairs or rescreening for a long time, not only will they cause harmful objects to enter your pool, you may also actually need to replace the entirety of it! And that is not very costeffective!  


Good thing there are professionals who can help you determine the most costeffective and durable way to address your Pool Screen Enclosure issue. Serving Port St Lucie, Florida, Port St Lucie Rescreening can give you an estimated amount to pay for the repairs and advice as to how you should proceed with your pool enclosure after a thorough inspection 


Here are a couple of indicators to determine if you need to contact a professional to help you with your Pool Enclosure issue: 


Pets and Other Wildlife Caused Screen Damage 

You can’t really ask your cat or dog to not mess around with the pool enclosure because even the kids love playing with it. Cats love sharpening their nails with the screen and left their scratching post alone, and dogs probably thought that the pool enclosure is something they can chew on so there’s really not much we can do about that. In fact, this is the most common reason why people call in screen repair professionals, our pets can’t just keep their paws to themselves.  


Because of these damages done, even though the pool enclosures have slightly bigger screen holes, the mosquitos will squeeze its way in there.  


Storms, Hurricanes and Other Extreme Weather Caused Damage 

Extreme weather to the point that it caused dents, holes, tears and even blow-outs to your pool enclosure is always bad news. Screws can also loosen up and fall into the pool during strong storms and can contaminate your pool with rust if it’s not taken out sooner.  


Heat can also contribute to the degrading quality of your pool enclosure over time. It can result in faded paint or warped structure and even dry rotting. 


Your Pool Enclosure is Retiring 

The life expectancy of cheap pool enclosures lasts about 3-5 years depending on the weather conditions and how prone it is to interaction with pets, the environment and other things. If you got a pool screen enclosure without knowing what type of pool screen enclosure is the best fit for your place then your screens are probably beat up to the pulp by now. 

With screen repair Port St Lucie, screens used for your pool enclosure will be of best quality and the life expectancy of it would last longer than cheaper ones so you don’t have to worry about replacement and repairs more frequently.  


Given these indicators, is your pool enclosure still in good shape? Or do you think you need to contact Port St Lucie Rescreening?